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    Created to inspire and to motivate. Thanks to the passion of an unique, united and engaged family
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    With its own personality. To grant a different identity to each wine.
  • obergo


    A delicious creation almost impossible to be forgotten. Due to the great land where they are made.

Bodega Somontano

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  • (+34) 974 94 26 74
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We confess it. We are so proud of these wonderful wines. Because apart from marinate with all your recipes, they bring joy to your special moments.

From now on, you will always be ready to organize a meal, even if it is not a public holiday or a celebration itself.

You will also feel ready to attend any commitment. You will enjoy every single menu and your days will be plenty of satisfying encounters.


We believe on a correct distribution from Somontano

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Bodegas Obergo and the Trufa Negra will harmonize until February 25th in Zaragoza 

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